O'Brien Guitars - Ryan Jilek April 2019- Blackbird

Ryan Jilek plays the famous Beatles tune, Blackbird, on a guitar he built at O'Brien Guitars in a private class. This guitar was built in 6 days. www.obrienguitars.com buildyourguitar@obrienguitars.com
O'Brien Guitars - Ryan Jilek April 2019- Blackbird
O'Brien Guitars Ryan Jilek builds and plays his guitar
O'Brien Guitars - Ryan Jilek April 2019
O'Brien Guitars - David Allen plays the guitar he built
O'Brien Guitars - Xiao Qin playing his guitar
Brant Philip Borchert plays the guitar he built at O'Brien Guitars
Jon Bard plays the guitar he built at O'Brien Guitars
Sam Mills and Tood Sneeringer playing guitars they built at O'Brien Guitars
Tennessee Whiskey
Steve Taft - 6 day guitar
O'Brien Guitars Guitar Building course
O'Brien Guitars - Classical Guitar Building Class
David Willett plays the guitar he built at O'Brien Guitars
A guitar built by Andrew Hendon at O'Brien Guitars- Dec 2017
O'Brien Guitars - Guitar built following my online classical course
O'Brien Guitars - Guitar built in 6 days by Laura Ancira
O'Brien Guitars student built guitar - Xuan Nguyen
O'Brien Guitars - Student built guitar
O'Brien Guitars classical guitar
O'Brien Guitars Classical Guitar Building Class
The six day guitar built by Andreas Vogel at O'Brien Guitars
O'Brien Guitars guitar building class
Guitar built in 8 days at O'Brien Guitars
O'Brien Guitars private guitar building class Feb 2014
O'Brien Guitars Classical Guitar Building Class
O'Brien Guitars Guitar Building Class
A guitar is born!
O'Brien Guitars Classical Guitar Building Class
O'Brien Guitars - 9 Day Guitar Building Class
O'Brien Guitars - 7 day guitar June 2012
10 day Classical Guitar Building Course with Robert O'Brien
O'Brien Guitars Private Guitar Building Class.
6 Day Guitar
10 Day Guitar
O'Brien Guitars - 8 day guitar

About My Video Series

Luthier Tips du Jour

In 2008 I started a free instructional video series on Youtube called Luthier Tips du Jour. This series has become very popular the world over and has grown to be a very inclusive “How to” video library. It continues to grow as I add more videos every few weeks to the already extensive list.

How I began the Luthier Tips du Jour series is an interesting story. I literally had the idea come to me in the shower one morning. Not knowing anything about video editing or even camera work I almost gave up on several occasions. In the beginning I was spending more than 40 hours to produce a 5 minute video. It took an exacting toll on me, my shop time and my personal life. LMI turned me onto some video editing software and that helped considerably. I now am able to edit the videos much quicker but still spend a considerable amount of time to produce the videos. It has been a huge learning curve for me and I continue to learn more about video production with each video I produce. You will notice as you watch the videos that over time the quality of the editing has improved considerably.

The second largest viewing audience I have comes from Brazil. In February of 2009 Cesar Tessarin suggested adding English and Portuguese subtitles to the videos and then took on the task of translating the audio and including the subtitles for both languages in the videos! This is also a monumental task and I am very grateful to Cesar for taking this on. Using the CC option on Youtube allows the viewer to then have the subtitles translated into any other language. Having the Portuguese subtitles allows the Youtube CC translation to be more true to the original when translating to other Latin based languages than if it were being translated from English.

Luthiers Mercantile International proudly sponsors the Luthier Tips du Jour videos. In addition to LMI, videos 1-65 also say sponsored by the Red Rocks Community College School of Lutherie. I started that program in 2003 and grew it to International recognition with over 100 students per semester. However, I left the college in March of 2012 and am no longer associated with the school. Videos after number 65 reflect this.

I hope you enjoy the videos and appreciate my efforts.

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Luthier Tips du Jour Mailbag

Over the years I have gotten many emails from viewers around the world asking questions on topics they have seen in my Luthier Tips du Jour videos. So, in January of 2013 I decided to address some of these questions in a new series called Luthier Tips du Jour Mailbag. These videos are not subtitled.

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Product Videos

I have been asked to do many product demo and instructional videos. Since I am a consultant for LMI I do most of the videos for the products they develop. These are available here as well as on DVD’s when you purchase the products from them. Some of these videos are short demo videos while others are very in depth instructional videos on how to set up and use different products.

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Robert’s Guitars

If you have ever wondered what an O'Brien Guitar sounds like, here are a bunch of videos of folks playing his guitars.

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Instruments built by students

Many folks come to O'Brien Guitars every year and build their guitars with Robert. Here are some videos of those guitars.

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Other Videos

Here you will find a bunch of my other videos. These range from videos of guitars produced in my private guitar building classes to videos of artists playing some of my guitars as well as interviews with people like renowned luthier José Romanillos.

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