Welcome to the O'Brien Guitars Online Store.

Here you will find a few products that I use in my personal shop. These products are only able to be shipped within the United States. If interested, contact me for payment and shipping options.

Lutherie Wax & Lemon Oil

I have used wax in my shop for a number of years for a variety of purposes. However, I was never really quite satisfied with the products available to me because they were either, too hard, too soft, too oily, too expensive, smelled bad or a combination of these. So I decided to make my own. Thus began my quest to develop a wax I felt comfortable using in my shop. After a lengthy research and development period I have come up with a wax that suits my needs. This wax is made from high quality ingredients by me right here in the O’Brien Guitars workshop. I use it for many things including: heel and end blocks, bridges, necks and even as an entire finish on an instrument. I also use it on my power and hand tools to keep them friction and rust free. I am now making this available to other luthiers as well. Use it to protect and beautify your own creations.

One area that I do not use wax is the fretboard. For that, I prefer to use Lemon oil. The product I use has no silicone, water, wax or build-up. Use it to clean, moisturize and protect the fretboard on your instrument.

O’Brien Guitars Cap

Work in style in your shop with an official O'Brien Guitars cap.

Available in olive drab and blue colors. One size fits all.