O'Brien Guitars Online Courses

Welcome to the O’Brien Guitars online courses page. Here you can register, log in, purchase and download Robert’s online video courses. Your same login is valid for all courses. Each video lesson contains high quality video and audio with simple to understand, very detailed instructions. You can start at the beginning and work at your own pace or start at any point throughout the course. It is like actually being in the O’Brien Guitars workshop as Robert works. Not only does he explain what “to” do but also what “not” to do and problems to avoid as you build. He offers advice that has taken him years to learn and will no doubt shorten your learning curve.

To begin, go to the desired online course page and click on the video lessons you wish to purchase. You also have the option of purchasing the entire course. Use your personalized cart to pay for the online video lessons. Once the transaction is complete you will have unlimited views and can even download the video lessons and any plans that accompany the course.

Here is a video about Robert's online courses.

24:55:37 146 lessons

Acoustic Guitar Building

25:17:17 156 lessons

Classical Guitar Building

22:08:41 152 lessons

Flamenco Guitar Building

14:38:25 161 lessons

Electric Guitar Building

23:14:44 91 lessons

Archtop Guitar Building

9:34:39 72 lessons


13:34:03 96 lessons

Mandolin Building

4:16:53 26 lessons

Rosette Making

2:11:20 19 lessons

Florentine Cutaway Construction

1:51:00 18 lessons

Venetian Cutaway Construction

3:01:35 26 lessons


1:52:33 17 lessons

Neck Reset

6:10:09 31 lessons

French Polish

3:14:24 20 lessons

Spray Finishing with Robert O'Brien

2:59:22 13 lessons

Spray Finishing with Jeff Jewitt

1:58:38 15 lessons

Arm Bevel

3:44:50 9 lessons

Classical Guitar Voicing

1:06:31 6 lessons