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Welcome to the O’Brien Guitars online courses page. Here you can register, log in, purchase and download Robert’s online video courses. Your same login is valid for all courses. Each video lesson contains high quality video and audio with simple to understand, very detailed instructions. You can start at the beginning and work at your own pace or start at any point throughout the course. It is like actually being in the O’Brien Guitars workshop as Robert works. Not only does he explain what “to” do but also what “not” to do and problems to avoid as you build. He offers advice that has taken him years to learn and will no doubt shorten your learning curve.

To begin, go to the desired online course page and click on the video lessons you wish to purchase. You also have the option of purchasing the entire course. Use your personalized cart to pay for the online video lessons. Once the transaction is complete you will have unlimited views and can even download the video lessons and any plans that accompany the course.

Here is a video about Robert's online courses.

1:54:16 8 lessons

Guitar Analysis and Testing with Trevor Gore

2:07:55 34 lessons

Marketing for Luthiers

23:56:51 245 lessons

Luthier Tips du Jour Videos

24:55:37 146 lessons

Acoustic Guitar Building

25:17:17 156 lessons

Classical Guitar Building

22:08:41 152 lessons

Flamenco Guitar Building

14:38:25 161 lessons

Electric Guitar Building

23:14:44 91 lessons

Archtop Guitar Building

18:24:49 96 lessons

Advanced Ukulele Building with Jay Lichty

9:34:39 72 lessons


13:34:03 96 lessons

Mandolin Building

2:11:20 19 lessons

Florentine Cutaway Construction

1:51:00 18 lessons

Venetian Cutaway Construction

1:58:38 15 lessons

Arm Bevel

3:44:50 9 lessons

Classical Guitar Voicing

3:51:37 10 lessons

Steel String Guitar Voicing

1:49:36 12 lessons

Perfect Neck Set

4:16:53 26 lessons

Rosette Making

3:01:35 26 lessons


1:52:33 17 lessons

Neck Reset

6:10:09 31 lessons

French Polish

3:14:24 20 lessons

Spray Finishing with Robert O'Brien

2:59:22 13 lessons

Spray Finishing with Jeff Jewitt

3:25:12 15 lessons

Urethane Finish with Jeff Jewitt

2:49:28 8 lessons

Water Based Finish with Jay Lichty

3:02:51 4 lessons

Guitar Critique Masterclass

1:06:31 6 lessons


Digital Plans

Your style and instruction is second to none. Thank you. Gary
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Only now, I have come across your site on Guitars etc; To say that it the most comprehensive of all the Guitar sites that I have visited, is an understatment. The wealth of information that you so willingly display is just phenominal. Brian – South Wales – UK
I'd like to thank you for taking the time to make your online video courses available. It's a real help to those of us who are not in position to apprentice in person. Thanks again for everything. Your information (including the free videos on YouTube) have me feeling even more comfortable that I'll be able to become a decent luthier. My first guitar will likely not be a masterpiece, but one day... Pete C. - Fayetteville, AR
I think the presentation, quality of instruction, and logical ordering of the process that you have created is second to none. I just finished my fourth guitar, the first to go to someone else, and I am so grateful to have these resources available, I don't think my progression would be nearly as fast were it not for the online courses. Peter
Your style and instruction is second to none. Thank you. Gary
"I have been a student of Robbie O’Brien's since 2010 when he lead the Lutherie Program at the local community college. I was the first person to purchase Robbie’s first online course “Classical Guitar Building” It feels as though Robbie is still right there, supporting me every step of the way. His in-depth step by step video programs are amazing and his style of building make it so easy to follow. It makes for a very pleasant building experience. I continue to purchase his online courses when ever a new one arrives online. I am humbled that he allowed me to be a part of the "Ukulele Online Course”. I am a full time builder and love when my instruments are played all over the world. Thanks Robbie for being such a great friend, an amazing teacher and mentoring me into the luthier I am today. " Heidi in Canada
"Robbie has the unique ability to make you feel as though you are right there with him in his shop. In his amicable and casual yet confident style he looks straight into the camera, speaking directly to you while he shares his wealth of knowledge with a touch of good Irish humour." (Canadian spelling) Ernest in Canada
What makes these lessons work for me is the simple fact that Robbie is a gifted educator. I spent my entire career in education and educational administration. During those 40 years I encountered many good teachers, some fair teachers, and a few horrible teachers. The great teachers numbered the fewest. They stood out in innumerable ways. But mostly they understood the difference between being an expert in their chosen field and being an expert in the communication skills necessary to communicate effectively and well. Great teachers accomplish both, and to do so in a compelling, engaging manner that empowers students rather than overwhelm them! In my opinion, Robbie is a GREAT teacher. He's obviously an expert. But he's an expert educator as well. And that makes the project engaging, fun and achievable for his students. I recommend his video courses wholeheartedly, and with my highest respect and admiration. Paul in Tucson
I’ve bought eight of your courses - Acoustic Guitar Building, Ukulele Building, Florentine and Venetian Cutaway, Fretting, French Polishing, Arm Bevel and Sharpening. I was also a student in your Steel String Voicing class and have stopped by your shop on several occasions for one-on-one help. Each time I head down to the shop to work on a particular aspect of the build, I run through that chapter of your course and make sure I’m up to speed on what to do. It always reminds me to watch for this or that and keeps me focused on the important steps. Tony in Colorado
Thank you so much for your informative videos on all aspects of luthierie. I am a self taught musician and luthier that has gained enormously from them. Geoffrey in Florida
I purchased your online courses for classical and steel string guitars. In my opinion these are the best guitar-building instructional materials (video or written) available anywhere. Every step is explained and demonstrated in intricate detail. Your teaching style has a way of reducing stress and making the entire process an enjoyable journey, and the end result is a really great guitar! Jim
I have a variety of Robbie's online courses and each one is delightfully entertaining and informative with very clear instructions on how to perform each task. Robbie makes the process of building an instrument look straight forward. The video courses offered is a great way to learn and Robbie is a very good teacher. Kim in Oregon
Your videos have helped me in my progression as a luthier thank you. Scott in Indianapolis
Thank you for putting together such a complete 'program' to let folks explore guitar building. From my perspective (someone who likes to do things myself), I can hardly imagine a more perfect setup. Mike
“I think O’Brien Guitars hits the best balance of price, accessibility,breadth of offerings, quality of instruction and production out there.”
“Robbie is so accessible. I'm lucky as he's in Colorado and I've gone to his shop a few times, but he's always there via email, phone etc. And no matter what idiot thing I've done, he doesn't ever make me think he thinks I'm an idiot. Superb teacher!
“I have spent many hours with Robert O'Brien and other Luthiers that offer lessons/classes. I have learned the most, and feel (by far) the most confident with Robert O’Brien. The primary reasons are clarity of lessons, presentation and variety of topics.”
I have purchase 7 of your excellent online courses. Your online courses are brilliant. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, it is very much appreciated. Alan
Thank you for all the instructional videos—a great help to me 'Bill
Your videos have been very helpful to me. Thank you for the all the information you have provided to the guitar building world Frank
Hey Robbie...I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your wonderful lessons. Your videos have been informative, entertaining and inspiring. Since my first lesson purchase last year, I have built a nice little humble shop in the basement and I look forward every day to putting into practice the guitar building techniques you have taught. Once again, thank you for giving me purpose after I retire in a few years. Jeff
I watch all of your videos some two and three times. You have been a great inspiration to me. Thank you very much.. Hector
The videos I have bought so far are great. I will be buying more. Thank you! John
I know you have lots of students that you have taught/have come through the shop. It is clear that you have the heart of a teacher by the communication style and patience you convey in your videos. Having said that I wanted to thank you for your resources, the neck jig I got from LMI, your overall contribution to the lutherie and the motivation after watching your videos that gave me the optimism that it was possible to accomplish. Kip in Tennessee
I wanted to say thanks for all the work you have put into your online courses and videos. They have been a major help to me with learning the craft of guitar building. Frank
I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a while and just wanted to send a thank you. I just finished building my first guitar and a number of your videos were a huge help in getting it all done. In particular, the spraying and finishing videos I watched several times and in the end I got a great finish. So thank you! Mike
Learned so much from your videos! Jeff
Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the videos in the course. Very professionally done. John
Thanks to Robert for making such great online courses and information available for those of us aspiring luthiers! Luis - Brazil
Thank you for your time and energy pulling all of this information and videos together!! I'm really enjoying the process. Mike
Robbie has done an amazing job of providing training to all of us. For about the cost of one private lesson for him you can learn about making many types of instruments and many different skills. I only takes about 9 days without sleep to view them all. Thanks Robbie for providing enough material to last for at least 1 if not 2 retirements. David
The quality of your work and training is really superb! Sean - United Kingdom
Thanks to you I have now completed my first guitar. I started with a kit so not to have a too steep learning curve and thanks to all your videos I successfully navigated through all the difficult passages. Staffan
I have probably bought every book on the topics, and I do consult them, but your video course makes it impossible to misunderstand the steps! Mike
You're a terrific teacher on-line. I can only imagine what it's like to be in your shop. Alex - Brazil
First I'll say thank you for your online courses. I've taken your class on voicing and chisel sharpening and my shop is better for it. Your class on voicing was awesome! Made instant improvements to my work. Matt
Congratulations Robbie, thank you for all that you do. early on in my career I built my first commission based on your videos. That guitar ended up being played by a Grammy award winning artist on the bbc stage. Behrad
Love your videos! Very informative and just plain fun Alfred
Thanks for your videos and advice. Because of such, my guitars have been a success! The technical term for that, is GOOD! Brody
Thanks for putting these courses together and for always being willing to answer questions - you make the world of guitar building much more accessible! Mike
Really love your courses- I have purchased the OM, neck resetting and French polish courses so far. All fantastic! Cary
Thank you for all you do! Your teaching, instruction and dedication to bringing us a full list of professional insight from marketing, building and quality craftsmanship is far more valuable than the modest price you charge us. I know that you are making some sacrifices in order to present us with the knowledge you bring us. Thank you for being willing to do so! Dustin
I always watch your videos because there is always something to learn and you do a great job. Marco - Italy
I really like the way you demonstrate multiple methods for accomplishing a task. It’s one extra bonus that sends your ratings through the roof Roger