About Me

I am dedicated to building and teaching the art of fine custom classical, flamenco, steel string, and electric guitar construction to anyone who wants a quality-handcrafted guitar that sounds amazing.

I learned and developed my acoustic guitar building skills over several years when I was living in Brazil. Fortunately, the Internet allows me to share with you these skills I learned years ago, so that you can build a custom designed acoustic guitar for yourself. You can read more about my career in my bio page.

I have taught hundreds of students how to build their own custom designed acoustic guitar. This is a very rewarding and satisfying experience for everyone.

Online Courses

My online guitar construction courses focus on every step in the process of making a concert quality classical or steel string guitar. With over 25 hours of guitar building instruction on video in each course it is like having your own luthier mentor standing right beside you during the entire guitar building process, teaching you the guitar construction ideas and procedures one step at a time. It is like being in a guitar building class designed just for you…in fact, it is designed just for you.

My unique French polish finish available on my custom guitars and also taught in the online classical guitar building course, provides a superior guitar finish that is fast to learn, easy to apply, durable and easily repairable. I believe you will find this French polish guitar finish technique enjoyable to work with and an excellent choice for your guitar’s finish.

If you want to learn how to build and finish your own quality custom designed acoustic guitar then my online guitar building courses are perfect for you. The “online courses” will also show you what guitar building tools and jigs you need as well as how to make guitar-building jigs for some of the various opportunities that arise during the guitar building process.

Private Teaching

In addition, I also offer private classes where I teach students, one to one, in my private shop, how to build their own custom classical, flamenco or steel string guitar. If you are interested in one of these classes then email me to clarify any questions or to make arrangements for your class.

Here is a video of a student building a guitar with me in my shop. At the end of each day the student comments about what we accomplished and what he learned throughout the day. For more student class videos visit my teaching page.

YouTube Channel

As well, I provide guitar-building instruction on YouTube in my very popular Luthier Tips du Jour video series. Check out these guitar construction videos as they are free for anyone wanting to build either a classical or steel string guitar.