Tired of seeing students struggle working with dull tools, Robert put together this course to help students learn how to put a razor sharp edge on the tools most used in lutherie.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Sharpening Course. In this course Robert shows how to sharpen chisels, planes, spokeshaves and scrapers. These are among the tools he uses in his online guitar building courses.

In this hour long course you will learn about:

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Working with sharp tools is safer and will increase your level of accuracy as you work.

Work Smart! Work Sharp!

I greatly appreciated your sharpening video. It helped make what seemed like a complicated process of sharpening plane blades, chisels, and spokeshave blades simple to me. Larry
Lesson 1: Flattening the Back 16:42
Lesson 2: The Primary Bevel 8:20
Lesson 3: The Secondary Bevel 6:30
Lesson 4: Planes 13:57
Lesson 5: Spokeshaves 4:43
Lesson 6: Scrapers 12:34