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Marketing for Luthiers

If you want to turn your passion for lutherie into a successful business, then this course is for you! Marketing expert, Drew Boyd, teaches people and corporations around the world how to be successful in marketing their goods and services. In this course he shares his expertise and years of marketing experience with luthiers.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O'Brien Online Marketing for Luthiers Course. In this course, Robert invites marketing expert, Drew Boyd, to teach luthiers how to be a successful business.

It is fun to build instruments! However, if you want to keep up your passion for lutherie for the the long term then you must learn how to capitalize on your efforts. Most folks are able to build an instrument. Fewer people are able to apply a finish to that instrument and still fewer people yet can sell the instrument. Learn what it takes to make your lutherie business successful!

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I just finished the Marketing Course - thank you for putting that together, I found it very helpful! Shawn
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Took the course. Very interesting! Lot to process especially for a complete "non businessman" like me! The pricing session is very interesting! Mitch in France
I just finished the Marketing Course - thank you for putting that together, I found it very helpful! Shawn
Chapter 1 • Welcome
Lesson 1: Introduction 1:40
Lesson 2: Welcome 3:07
Chapter 2 • Start With A Plan
Lesson 1: What Is Your Business Model? 3:40
Lesson 2: Developing Your Team 3:53
Lesson 3: Setting Your Goals 3:42
Lesson 4: Budget 3:50
Chapter 3 • Creating Your Brand
Lesson 1: What Is A Brand? 4:23
Lesson 2: Brand Name 4:07
Lesson 3: Brand Identity 3:48
Lesson 4: Guitar Features 3:20
Lesson 5: Support a Cause 4:18
Chapter 4 • Develop Your Strategy
Lesson 1: Strategy 2:57
Lesson 2: Target Audience 3:17
Lesson 3: Positioning 3:51
Lesson 4: Examples 4:23
Chapter 5 • Develop Your Product Offering
Lesson 1: Project Types 4:25
Lesson 2: Services 3:20
Lesson 3: Naming 4:21
Lesson 4: Accessories 3:40
Chapter 6 • Pricing Your Guitars
Lesson 1: Pricing Principles 3:51
Lesson 2: Price Range 3:57
Lesson 3: Price Tiers 3:46
Lesson 4: Discounting 3:54
Lesson 5: Communicate Pricing 2:58
Chapter 7 • Communicate To Create Awareness And Demand
Lesson 1: Website 3:42
Lesson 2: Website Examples 5:21
Lesson 3: Direct Email 3:42
Lesson 4: Advertising and PR 4:08
Lesson 5: Social Media 4:33
Lesson 6: Photography 3:53
Chapter 8 • Distributing And Selling Your Products
Lesson 1: Direct Distribution 4:02
Lesson 2: Retail Distribution 4:21
Lesson 3: Online Distribution 3:55
Chapter 9 • Next Steps
Lesson 1: Closing 1:50