Classical Guitar Voicing

This course, filmed during a class at O'Brien Guitars, helps students understand the soundboard selection and bracing process as well as the concepts of stiffness and looseness in order to build more efficient and better sounding classical guitars.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Classical Guitar Voicing Course. This course was filmed during a master class I gave in my shop way back in the beginning of 2013. I have hesitated to edit it and make it available for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was concerned that the viewer wouldn’t be able to benefit as much as those that actually attended the class. It was a “hands on” class and obviously you as a viewer are not able to be involved in that process. Second, it was filmed in standard definition before I made the switch to high definition cameras. Recently I ran across this footage on my old hard drive and decided that neither of the two reasons I have mentioned were good enough to not make this footage available to others. In fact, the participants in this class have urged me to make it available. There is a ton of valuable information available in this course. Just the information on how to select soundboard material alone is worth the price of this video course. I think you will agree and know you will benefit from the information I present here gathered from years of experience building classical guitars.

This course is meant for the intermediate to advanced classical guitar builder and contains over 3 and ½ hours of quality instruction with all the information needed to make your classical guitar soundboard the best it can possibly be.

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It has never been easier to learn the art of classical guitar voicing. Happy Building!

I had such a good experience just watching the guitar voicing course and will be getting more videos of yours. Michael
Classical Guitar Voicing
Course Introduction 2:36
Lesson 1: Welcome to class 8:08
Lesson 2: How to select soundboards 1:00:45
Lesson 3: Students select their soundboards 27:56
Lesson 4: Thicknessing and graduating 29:09
Lesson 5: Braces 27:47
Lesson 6: Brace height and stiffness 16:07
Lesson 7: Shaping braces 34:56
Lesson 8: Finishing touches 17:25