Guitar Analysis and Testing with Trevor Gore

Trevor Gore literally wrote the book on modal tuning. In this course he shares his years of lutherie and engineering experience to de-mystify the testing he does while building his world class guitars.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O'Brien Online Guitar Analysis and Testing Course. In this course, Robert invites Australian luthier, Trevor Gore, to show how to set up and run the tests he explains in his Guitar Design and Build books. Many people have asked Trevor about doing a video so that they could see how the tests are set up and done rather than just reading about them. This video course will help you avoid technical setbacks and shorten your learning curve when setting up the hardware and software needed to capture the frequency responses as well as measure the monopole mobility (responsiveness) and other critical elements of your guitar. Learn to do all of the major tests that Trevor does while building his world class guitars.

The course is not meant to substitute the information contained in Trevor's books but rather facilitate the understanding, setup and execution of the tests described in his books.

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I just bought this video course and it is a revelation. I've had your books for a while but this has given me a way in that I really needed. Thank you. Joss
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I attended Trevor's first course and enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately though, my memory being of a vintage age is not like fine wine and as a result much of the information that comes in is not stored permanently.? So it is very helpful to have Trevor's video to refresh my memory as I go through the process.Thanks for putting it together. Steve
Woohoo! I’ve been hoping for this one for a few years! Jeff
Really excellent and a great review for those who have taken Trevor's course or for those who didn't get to attend. Well done Trevor and Robbie! Thanks for putting this together. I picked up some points I missed in the course, found some shortcuts and a few other pointers. Tim
I have been reading the Gore books for awhile now and have never had great results with the tests. Then one sleepless night while tossing and turning, trying to figure out how to get the results I'm looking for, i was surfing the web and found your video. The price was a drop in the bucket for the explanations i received. Thank you so much for making this available. Anthony
I recently purchased the online video series and found it was very helpful explaining some of the setup aspects related to modular tuning and VA setup requirements after reading the Gore / Gilet books. Wayne
I have just gone through the video of Trevor going through the whole process of analyzing a guitar’s responses. It is incredibly useful. It is not a criticism of the book to say that a video of many of the processes involved is very powerful. Words can only take you so far in describing these techniques. In particular the thorough description of using VA is excellent. If like me you have been getting only middling results in spectrum analysis this course is really worthwhile. In a quick session today with my rubber hammer I have got better results than any previous goes at this. I would seriously recommend people who are into an analytical approach to stump up for this course. Dave
I just bought this video course and it is a revelation. I've had your books for a while but this has given me a way in that I really needed. Thank you. Joss
I just watched these, they're a good supplement to the book. Thanks to Robbie and Trevor! Jim
I purchased the videos online from Robbie O'Brien and found this very helpful when setting up the computer to do the tests. Australia
Chapter 1 • Setup
Introduction 3:27
Lesson 1: The microphone 7:51
Lesson 2: Setting the levels 11:17
Lesson 3: Visual analyzer 10:51
Chapter 2 • Testing
Lesson 1: Capturing a frequency response curve 9:08
Lesson 2: Chladni patterns 17:33
Lesson 3: Measuring wood properties 14:01
Lesson 4: Measuring guitar responsiveness 10:15
Lesson 5: Measuring bridge rotation 6:57
Conclusion 2:18
Interview with Trevor 20:38