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Water Based Finish with Jay Lichty

Learn how to apply a water based finish and then level and buff to a high gloss.

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About This Course

Water based finishing products have come a long way in their evolution over the years. They are arguably safer, can be just as appealing as traditional finishes and the ease of application and clean up are attractive. In this course - Jay Lichty of Lichty Guitars and Ukuleles, shows how he applies a water based finish to a guitar and then levels and buffs it to a high gloss.

This course is Chapter 10 of Jay's Advanced Ukulele Building Course and the knowledge and techniques can be applied to finishing any instrument. You can purchase the entire online Advanced Ukulele Building Course, which includes this chapter, or you can purchase just this chapter separately here.

In this course you will learn about:

I have purchased Jay's course as well and it is worth the expense. Bruce
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I just purchased the Lichty finishing course and it is great! Matt
Jay's video is excellent. I learned a lot and am applying some of the principles he teaches on a project right now. Rolando
If you haven’t already, you should take a look at Jay Lichty’s water-based finishing course. I followed it and got great results. Jeff
I have purchased Jay's course as well and it is worth the expense. Bruce
Jay Lichty's waterbased finish course here on Robbie's site has helped that a lot, especially with the philosophy that mistakes and glitches, and the subsequent repairs are just a normal part of the process. Bruce
Thanks for putting together Jay Lichty’s water-based finish course. It’s well done and is a great resource. Tim
Water Based Finish with Jay Lichty
Lesson 1: Safety 8:57
Lesson 2: Surface prep 16:28
Lesson 3: Epoxy pore fill 31:55
Lesson 4: Spraying 13:04
Lesson 5: More sanding and filling 40:19
Lesson 6: More spraying and sanding 29:59
Lesson 7: Final topcoats and leveling 12:35
Lesson 8: Buffing 16:11