Florentine Cutaway Construction

This course, intended as a supplement to Robert's acoustic and classical guitar construction courses, shows you how to design and execute the Florentine cutaway.

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About This Course

Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Florentine Cutaway Guitar Building Course. This course is meant to be a supplement to his Online Classical and Acoustic Guitar Building Courses. Here Robert shows how to design and build the cutaway portion of a Florentine cutaway guitar. The course was filmed in High Definition and contains over 2 hours of quality video instructions with all the ins and outs of Florentine Cutaway guitar construction.

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It has never been easier to learn the art of Florentine cutaway guitar construction. Happy Building!

I love your videos and have purchased your on-line course on building a Florentine Cutaway. It is going well so far! TJ
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I recently finished my first Florentine cutaway guitar. Your videos really helped me wrap my head around the concept and feel more comfortable tackling a cutaway guitar. Thanks for the awesome content Mr.O'Brien Judson
I love your videos and have purchased your on-line course on building a Florentine Cutaway. It is going well so far! TJ
Just got the strings on my first Florentine cutaway ( thanks to Robbie’s video). I’m very pleased with the final outcome. Brian
Florentine Cutaway Construction
Intro 4:55
Lesson 1: Design 6:44
Lesson 2: Bending the side 2:57
Lesson 3: Heel block layout 6:23
Lesson 4: Shaping the heel block 5:38
Lesson 5: Cutting the side 3:06
Lesson 6: Gluing the block (neck) 6:21
Lesson 7: Preparing the cutaway block 5:59
Lesson 8: Gluing the point 4:43
Lesson 9: Moving forward 2:34
Lesson 10: Binding channels 3:51
Lesson 11: Handwork 10:14
Lesson 12: Binding prep 7:31
Lesson 13: Installing top bindings 9:14
Lesson 14: Installing back bindings 13:58
Lesson 15: Installing side binding 5:58
Lesson 16: Installing point binding 18:35
Lesson 17: Neck carving 6:02
Conclusion 4:09