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Adding features like the arm bevel to your instruments can increase beauty, functionality and value if done properly. Kent Everett knows how to do it right and teaches you all the tips needed so you can also do it right!

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Welcome to the Robert O’Brien Online Transitional Arm bevel Course. This course, presented by Kent Everett of Everett Guitars, will teach you everything you need to know to do a transitional arm bevel on your guitar. You will enjoy learning this valuable information taken from a masterclass given at Everett Guitars in North Georgia. Everything from side preparation to shaping and binding the arm bevel is covered. Sit back and watch as Kent shows his “How To” method of creating the transitional arm bevel.

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It has never been easier to learn how to do a Transitional Arm Bevel. Happy Building!

I’ve got the one he produced for Kent Everett on armbevels. Really well done and easy to follow. Sparky
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Robbie and Kent, I just finished my first arm bevel using your method. Thanks for making the instructions available. I followed the instruction and "what do know" it worked! Thanks Steve
I built a new guitar recently with a design I did from scratch. On this guitar I used the directions in your arm bevel video and the directions from your french polish course. Both were great and easy to follow. Mark in Colorado
I would never have known where to start without this video. Thanks to Rob and Kent for making the course available. Chris - Australia
I’m starting guitar number 3, this time with the Everett arm bevel video, and really can’t express how much this hobby has come to mean to me. Thanks for putting together such a rich library of resources. Sean
Thanks so much for putting your teaching videos together and making them available! The Arm Bevel course allowed me to achieve my first bevel on my last build, and it wouldn't have been possible without the course you and Kent Everett put together. Shawn
I’ve got the one he produced for Kent Everett on armbevels. Really well done and easy to follow. Sparky
Arm Bevel
Intro 2:31
Lesson 1: Arm bevel history 9:22
Lesson 2: The arm bevel and tone 3:10
Lesson 3: Side prep - lower line 8:21
Lesson 4: Fit and glue block 13:23
Lesson 5: Drive bus and install kerfing 1:35
Lesson 6: Shape block and more bus driving 2:56
Lesson 7: Fitting the top 12:48
Lesson 8: Gluing binding and purfling 13:21
Lesson 9: Extra lines on top purfling 10:36
Lesson 10: Shape bevel 13:04
Lesson 11: Veneer bevel 15:19
Lesson 12: The bevel and beyond 5:09
Lesson 13: Conclusion 2:44
Lesson 14: Everett shop tips 4:19